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Introducing Our Stockroom Management Software Solution For Dynamics GP

Introducing our Stockroom Management software solution for Dynamics GP

At the 2015 GPUG Summit in Reno, Nevada, Panatrack will officially debut its new Stockroom Management product for Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

Why a dedicated stockroom management software offering?

Inventory is inventory, right? Well, to a certain extent, that is true. A barcode scanning solution that works in a warehouse or distribution center adds value by ensuring inventory is accurate and eliminating manual processes. This is the case whether you are a manufacturer pulling a subassembly off of a shelf and recording its consumption, or a maintenance technician pulling parts out of stockroom inventory to replace a compressor.

But there are subtle ways that the approach to stockroom inventory differs. So we are assembling a number of our key inventory management transactions into an offering for settings like:

  • Utilities, service providers and construction or mechanical contractors. These companies issue parts and items to projects or jobs.
  • Service or maintenance departments, which issue parts and items to complete a repair or preventive maintenance activity.
  • Hospitality organizations, which issue supplies to departments which is assigned to a cost center.
  • Health care institutions that issue supplies to departments; parts for maintenance on equipment or assets.
  • Manufacturers involved in aftermarket service or trade contractors that issue parts and equipment to a fleet of service vehicles as they would to a mobile warehouse.

This targeted solution includes our easy-to-use inventory management functionality –plus tracking for project-specific inventory via integrations with the Dynamics GP project module, Wennsoft and Olympic Project. Additional options include directed-transfer, replenishment-requests, and more.

Why do these organizations need our Stockroom Management offering for Dynamics GP? Because without it, they:

  • Experience stockouts leading to interruptions in service.
  • Carry excess inventory impinging on capital and operating budgets.
  • Are often handling high-value parts with little to no visibility as to their location, stocking levels or consumption patterns.
  • Lack the ability to ascribe inventory consumed by departments' cost centers or project budgets.

If you or your clients experience these needs for greater control over the contents of their stockroom environment, this solution is for you!

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