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New Features Added To PanatrackerGP In Q1-2017

New features added to PanatrackerGP in Q1-2017

We have been busy here at Panatrack… adding to and enhancing our PanatrackerGP software solution. Here are a few of the top new features recently added.


  • The ability to receive against multiple purchase orders in the same transaction. This customer-requested feature is a must-have for those organizations that receive shipments from a vendor which includes items from multiple purchase orders. Access the open purchase orders for the item, sorted by expected receipt date and the expected quantity.
  • ‘Receive All’ feature. This automation gives users the ability to receive all line items on a PO. This is only supported on items tracked by quantity. (Lot and serial details still require recording of the exact lot or serial number — of course.) Our recommendation for enabling this feature is to follow it with a put away transaction to verify the received quantities are correct. (Note that automated label printing is not available if using this feature. Usually, pre-printing labels for verification is used for many customers that have requested this feature.)
  • Auto-assignment of lot number based on the item GP lot mask setup. This was added for a customer that implemented internal lot tracking of items, as their lots were not typically provided by the vendor.

Adjustment Transactions:

  • Added a signature panel option to the Adjustment transaction. This is a great option for organizations that use this transaction to issue inventory internally. The signature panel is enabled with any of the three flex fields. The flex field is often set up to capture text, or the signer’s name, or initials.

Stock Count:

  • Item barcode label printing was added to the Stock Count transaction. This option allows printing the item barcode label. This option is ideal for replacing missing labels, or to label existing inventory for go-live.

Assembly Transaction:

  • The Assembly transaction was redesigned. The option to backflush the components is available, including support for lot tracked inventory. The per-unit design quantity, as well as total component quantity needed based on the Assembly quantity, is available to the user. The PanatrackerGP Work Order for Assembly transaction also has new feature enhancements, including the ability to define the components to use for a specific build. This is an option added for organizations that have a master BOM which may include all component options available for an Assembly build.

Quick MO:

  • Support for Dynamics GP’s Quick MO transaction has been added.

Panatracker Directed Transfer (Transfer Request):

  • Improvements were made to our portal interface, offering users a streamlined entry of items. Default Site setting options were added. (Note, the ability for users to create the Transfer Request from a standard mobile device will be coming soon.)

Contact us for the full list of new features and functionality added in version 7.3 and 7.4.

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