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PanatrackerGP Manufacturing

For Microsoft Dynamics® GP

Manage raw materials, components, and finished goods

Designed specifically for organizations that manufacture or assemble items. Manage raw materials, packaging, and components from receiving through issue to your manufacturing or assembly process. Record receipt and add barcode item, case, or pallet labels for your finished goods.  Move to stock or staging locations for pick, pack and ship operations.

PanatrackerGP extends your existing Dynamics GP system adding mobile and barcode technologies.  Standard inventory functionality from receiving, put away, moves, transfers, and stock counts are included as part of the core transactions. For manufacturing, PanatrackerGP integrates with GP, Vicinity, and Horizon to capture the issue of materials and record finished goods.

Simple manufacturing or Assembly with the GP Inventory Bill of Material and Assembly is supported with multiple configuration operations. Add our Work Order for Assembly to plan and track your assembly efforts.

Our directed transfer order is often used to provide more structured management of moves from stock locations to the manufacturing or assembly floor.

Add our order fulfillment functionality for full pick, pack to ship support.


Core Inventory Transactions

Complete standard PO Receiving, Bin Moves, Adjustments and Stock Counts at any location and create transactions within Dynamics GP.

Issue Inventory

Record issue of raw materials, components, and packaging to the manufacturing process. Provide access to the required and remaining quantities needed for each based on manufacturing orders or batches.

Directed Transfer

Use the Panatracker transfer order infrastructure to generate transfer orders for materials and components for planned manufacturing activities. A pick list to the warehouse to move items from stock to the manufacturing floor will add better visibility to your inventory.

Work Order for Assembly

Create a work order for planned assembly activities and complete assembly transactions based on that work order. Adds the ability to track completed progress against the plan.

Manufacturing Integration Options

PanatrackerGP integrates with GP Inventory Assembly, GP Manufacturing, Vicinity Manufacturing, and Horizon Manufacturing.

Create Production Unit

Record completed finished goods and capture details such as Lot or Serial Number on the mobile device.


Create the GP Inventory Assembly transaction. Configurations to support entry of each component item or the ability to backflush (automatically consume) components defined on the BOM.

Sales Order Fulfillment

Option to add functionality for pick and pack for sales orders.
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