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These questions are of a product nature, for a technically-oriented FAQ, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Who is Panatrack?

Panatrack develops software solutions to track inventory, assets and activities. We specialize in mobile solutions using barcode and RFID technology.

Building from our history of developing customized inventory solutions and our strong knowledge of the Dynamics GP solution, we created the PanatrackerGP solution. This was introduced in the market in 2004 and has grown to support customers across the world.  We continue to add enhancements and features, evaluating feedback and requests from both customers and prospects.  Our goal is to offer best-in-breed solutions that are easy to use, flexible, and scalable.

Our solutions are offered both on-premise and in hosted environments.

What is PanatrackerGP?

PanatrackerGP extends Microsoft Dynamics GP to mobile devices and add barcode technology to capture inventory and asset transactions. PanatrackerGP uses Dynamics GP as the host database, thus offering a simple data capture interface to record transactions at the point and time they occur. This immediacy eliminates redundant paper-based tracking. Real-time validation to GP over a wireless network infrastructure eliminates errors and adds real-time access and updates to GP.

The PanatrackerGP solutions has two components:  The server component adds the infrastructure for system configuration and transaction logging. A browser-based interface offers administrative access for configuration and transaction review.

The second component is mobile client software which is installed on each mobile device. On the device, an easy-to-use interface allows users to capture the transactions and submit them to Dynamics GP.

Visit our solutions section for details on transactions supported.

What inventory transactions does PanatrackerGP support?

Panatrack offers multiple solutions for inventory management that meet tracking requirements for various industries. Each solution offers three level options: Essential, Standard, and Advanced.

All of the solutions include these core inventory transactions:

  • Receiving (from Vendor)
  • Put Away
  • Adjustment Add and Remove
  • Item-Bin Move
  • Site Transfer
  • Stock Count and Spot Count
  • Vendor Return
  • Item Inquiry

The inventory solutions offered:

Inventory for Stockroom Management:  Ideal for organizations that manage stockrooms, parts inventory, supply areas, or truck inventories.  Example industries include utilities, casinos, medical, lab, service industries such as HVAC, plumbers, or technicians.  Standard and Advanced options adds Project Accounting Transfers, Key2Act (formerly WennSoft) integration for job and service, other 3rd party project integration, and offers a transfer request infrastructure to manage restock requirements.

Inventory for Distribution Management adds core order fulfillment functionality for Essentials. More robust features such as directed transfer, stock replenishment, and more complex pick and pack options are available.

Key features added:

  • Order Fulfill
  • Batch Pick
  • Verify Order
  • Assign Tracking Details
  • Pack-Ship tracking features

Inventory for Manufacturing supports capturing manufacturing transactions including support for Assembly, Issue of Components, and Finished Goods Receiving. Support is offered for GP Manufacturing, Vicinity, and Horizon.  Essentials include core inventory functionality with the manufacturing support. Standard and Advanced adds sales order fulfillment for pick and pack support.

Inventory for Central Warehouse Management is targeted for hub and spoke organizations when restock activities for satellite locations from a centralized warehouse is a primary requirement.  Profiles of these organizations include retail operations, medical facilities, labs and life sciences, and organizations with route sales staff.

Do you support barcode label printing with your solution?

Yes! Panatrack uses a powerful third-party label printing solution to assure wide support for several label printers and label stock and sizes. The designer tool offers the ability for you to define what is on the label.

Automated barcode label printing can be set up on most of our core transactions:  Receiving, Adjustments, Site Transfer, Bin Move, and Item Inquiry for maximum flexibility. Imagine the simplicity of labels that print on-demand as you interact with your inventory. Our automatic transaction-based label printing requires a network-enabled printer. Panatrack will happily assist you with printer and media selection.

The label printing application will also give you desktop label printing outside of the PanatrackerGP application. Re-print labels, print shipping box ID labels or bin location barcodes. Connect to GP views to print labels that pull data directly from your Dynamics GP database.

Panatrack will work with you on setting up your barcode item labels as part of our standard implementation services.

What functionality does the Fixed Asset Solution offer?

The PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset solutions adds the ability for user to add, update and validate non-financial asset information without giving access to the GP fixed asset records directly.

The transactions available include:

Add New Asset. This includes support to receive the assets if purchased using a GP purchase order. Both the receiving transaction and asset record is created.

Update Asset.  Update the location, custodian, master asset, and other assignments to the assets. Scan the barcode asset label to review current assignments and make updates as needed.

Validate Asset.  Based on physical location, complete validations to confirm asset location to what GP shows as the location. Ability to update assets found out of place or record an out-of-place exception message is available.

Group Assets.  Not to be confused with account group, the grouping feature allows assignment of a Group ID which can then be used by the finance department to make updates as a group.  Re-assign the correct Asset Class ID, assign the book, or group assets for retirement action.

This solution operates on a network connection and can run on LTE and wifi connected devices. This offers the flexibility to manage asset detail at remote locations such as at a vendor, job site, or remote sites.

How does PanatrackerGP communicate with GP?

Because PanatrackerGP does not “screen scrape”, no GP login or extra license is required. For most of our transactions, PanatrackerGP uses Microsoft's current standard integration tools (e.g. eConnect) that enforces the important business logic in GP.

Our inventory solution operates on a wireless network infrastructure and offers real-time validation as your transactions are captured.

As transactions are in the process of being captured, they are logged in real-time in the Panatracker system. This supports the ability for users to review and edit transactions that are being created (such as receiving and order fulfillment) prior to final commit to GP.  The in-progress data (quantities, lots, or serials selected) is applied to transaction data so all users have access to true real-time inventory data.  With the transaction submit action, the transaction is immediately created or updated in GP.

Is PanatrackerGP real-time to Dynamics GP?

Yes. Our connected solutions offer real-time inventory management with Dynamics GP. Each field is validated in real-time to Dynamics GP over a wireless network connection. All transaction data is captured real-time in the Panatracker logging database as in-progress.

PanatrackerGP uniquely tracks your in-progress transactions as they are applied to the GP data. This offers accurate and real-time visibility of the inventory levels to other users.

For example, assume an expected quantity for receiving an item is 100 each. If a user receives 60 each, the expected remaining quantity is immediately updated to 40 each. In another example, If LotA has 300 available and a user picks 100 , the quantity available for  LotA will be updated immediately to 200, even before the actual final transaction submit to GP.

The in-progress logging of the transactions allows users to review, edit, and finalize the transactions prior to hitting GP.  On the action of submit, the transactions are immediately created or updated in GP. Automated posting solutions can be added to streamline your inventory processing even more.

How can I see the PanatrackerGP solution in action?

Panatrack is happy to scheduled a consultative demo of the solution. Our demos are performed on a real handheld scanner connected to a real GP system. You aren't seeing a simulator or PowerPoint presentation, so we can dig in and deeply demonstrate answers to your questions. Please contact our sales team to schedule a live online demo.

How long does it take to implement PanatrackerGP?

Once you have decided to purchase our solution, a project case will be created and we will work with you to get up and running quickly. While the actual system install is often completed within a couple of hours, we recommend at least a two-week lead time so that we can help you coordinate and prepare.

Your project will start with a kick-off meeting to review the solution we are implementing and review the current status of your environment and plan for your most-efficient workflow. It's not uncommon to implement in phases, and we'll help you determine a plan should you select a phased rollout.

We recommend setting up a test GP company database for initial training and playing. You may also choose to schedule a testing period to tweak configuration settings prior to roll-out to the users.

Panatrack will work with you to meet your target go-live date.

How is PanatrackerGP installed?

We use state-of-the-art secure remote-support tools to allow us to work with you to gain access to your system. Once allowed access, the installation process takes only one to four hours depending on your selected solution. We do not require any unattended access to your environment and we'd prefer a local IT resource to be present at the time of the install. For more detailed installation/implementation information, please visit the implementation section of our Knowledge Base or contact us for more information.

What is required to run PanatrackerGP?

For our connected inventory and sales processing solutions, a WiFi connection is required for the handheld computers to communicate back to your host GP server in real-time. For our fixed assets and field inventory/sales processing solution, we suggest that network-connected handheld cradles are used to sync data to GP. Call us to learn more.

Can I install the software on my phone?

We are asked regularly if our solution is available on consumer devices such as tablets or phones. While we do have solutions for some consumer devices running Android, we feel strongly that the right device for inventory and asset tracking is a ruggedized device with integrated scanning.  Durability, security, ruggedness and ease-of-use are critical for effective tracking.

We do want you to take careful consideration of your device choices.  PanatrackerGP inventory solutions are most often implemented and used in a warehouse or stockroom environment.  Even as we move forward, our position will be to recommend ruggedized devices with integrated scanning.  These are the right devices for the job. They can be controlled so users aren't surfing the web. You don't need to worry that the device will go home with your workforce because they tucked it in a pocket.  You won't need to keep an inventory of spares because of high risk of drop-break. Although the ruggedized devices may come at a higher initial investment per unit, your total cost of ownership is shown to be less overall that outfitting a fragile device for this purpose. See Mobile Hardware for details or ask to speak with a Panatrack hardware expert.

Can I purchase hardware through Panatrack?

Panatrack is a distributor of ruggedized mobile computers with integrated barcode scanning. We also distribute barcode printers. Our solution is supported on devices from leading manufacturers including Zebra (formerly Motorola), Intermec and Honeywell. Panatrack can sell hardware to ship to addresses in the US or Canada. If you are outside of the US, we can assist in sourcing a local vendor.

If you have existing barcode-scanning hardware, please work with us to confirm that it is compatible with our PanatrackerGP solutions.

If you prefer to use another vendor for your hardware, Panatrack requests that you carefully confirm hardware details prior to ordering. (We'll help!). For obvious reasons, Panatrack cannot troubleshoot hardware-related issues for hardware not purchased through us.

Can we use your solution if we are in another country?

Of course! Because of our unique remote installation and support capabilities, we have successfully implement PanatrackerGP in several countries around the world. Please contact our sales team to learn more.

Is PanatrackerGP available for hosted environments?

Yes. PanatrackerGP is available for install for both on-premise and hosted environments. We also offers options for subscription pricing or leasing.

Does PanatrackerGP work with Dynamics GP 2018 R2 Web Client?

PanatrackerGP is tightly integrated with Dynamics GP at the SQL database and API levels. Given this unique and powerful relationship between our embedded WMS functionality and the Dynamics GP platform, our clients typically face no issues relating to the use of the GP 2018R2 Web Client. For clients utilizing the GP Manufacturing integration or our advanced SKU to UOM feature, additional setup and considerations may be required to ensure smooth transaction entry.

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