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Ensuring Success With Your Dynamics GP WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Ensuring Success with Your Dynamics GP WMS (Warehouse Management System)

At Panatrack, we invest heavily in helping our customers successfully extend Microsoft Dynamics® GP with Warehouse Management System (WMS) functionality.

Sometimes, we come into a customer organization after they have already attempted to implement another system. How could they have been successful their first time through, and prevented WMS project failure? What questions should they have asked going in?

We offer up some of those questions in this new Executive Brief, Hard Questions to Ask Data Capture Vendors. But here are a few tips for due diligence going into your Dynamics GP WMS project:

  • Is there a separate database to be integrated with Dynamics GP? This is a simple “yes” or “no” question to ask. Does the vendor's solution use Dynamics GP as the data master, or is there a separate database that must be synchronized? Synchronizing databases leaves you with two versions of the truth and can add a degree of risk and complexity that may threaten project success.
  • Expect a short project timeline. If a vendor projects that implementation should take more than a few weeks, ask yourself why. Ask about the typical implementation timeline, which may vary considerably between a straightforward barcode vendor that extends Dynamics GP and the underlying database with for WMS and a standalone WMS, which may carry a higher risk profile.
  • Look for knowledge of the underlying ERP package. Vendors that are very familiar with the underlying ERP application will complete a data capture project completed more reliably and satisfactorily than one that divides itself across a broader number of ERP products.
  • Pay attention to scope. Inadequate project scope is a barrier to success in any software project, but a vendor will sometimes underestimate the level of effort, number of hours or number of software modules required to meet a given need so they can offer a low price and get the business. In comparing proposals, make sure to consider not only the project cost itself, but fees a vendor may try to collect after go-live. One red flag to look for is a vendor that requires you to agree to pay for an extensive number of support hours as part of an annual maintenance package. If the vendor contends you need a certain number of support hours per month, this could on the one hand indicate that the solution may not be reliable. But on the other, it can mean the vendor is trying to hide project cost by moving it onto maintenance or support fees.

Gain more insights on how to ensure Dynamics GP WMS success by downloading this executive brief–Hard Questions to Ask Data Capture Vendors.

Ensure Success for Dynamics GP WMS

Download our Executive Brief, Hard Questions to Ask Data Capture Vendors. Learn what questions to ask going into your project–and we'll see you in the winner's circle!

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