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EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Selecting EDI to Extend WMS Software in Your Business

If you currently do business or would like to do business with key supply chain partners like larger customers, you need to have in place robust electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities. Not only does EDI eliminate non-value-added work from supply chain and purchasing processes, but it is often a hard requirement for initiating or maintaining a commercial relationship with many entities.

It could be as well that your organization could benefit from streamlining relationships with your own trading partners. You want to make sure that the EDI solutions you integrate with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application like Microsoft Dynamics GP will truly deliver the capabilities you need. You will also want to ensure that the cost and serviceability of the EDI technology will remain viable as your business grows. This is not a given with many EDI technology products.

EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP Basics

EDI on its face is pretty simple. It really consists of the computer-to-computer exchange of supply chain documents. Usually, this exchange uses one of a number of standards including X12, with a key example being the 850 Purchase Order.

… download to read more and learn about Dynamics GP and EDI including:

  • The different types of EDI software
  • How EDI works with WMS software like PanatrackerGP
  • Important factors in EDI selection for Dynamics GP

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EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP

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