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Customer Owned & Consignment Items

Are you accountable for inventory in your custody that you don’t own?

Do you own items you need to manage that are in custody of someone else?

Are you contracted to handle storage, packaging and shipping activities on behalf of your customers?

PanatrackerST adds both ownership and custody to the location of every unit tracked in the system. Serializing either the unit or container will provide visibility to length of time in a team's custody. Setup each customer's inventory with specific attributes to capture requested data to add even more value to your services.

Standard item tracking functionality is supported including moves, transfers, orders, picking and shipping as well as features specific to uniquely managing the separation of custody and ownership.


PanatrackerST is a cloud-based item-tracking platform on Azure designed to handle complex tracking scenarios that cannot be solved by traditional warehouse or asset management systems.  It offers a high level of flexibility offering

  • Unlimited attributes. Define what data you need to capture and when you need to capture it.
  • Template setup for items and containers to manage different tracking requirements for different customers.
  • Multiple nesting levels for containers.
  • Options to setup projects for your contracts to add additional control and visibility.
  • Customer portal provides visibility for your customers to view units in your custody and completed shipments on their behalf.
  • API-driven to support integrations.

Feature Highlights

In addition to all of the standard item tracking functionality you expect to find in a tracking solution, the key features specific to customer-owned inventory management includes:

Unlimited Attributes

Define the data that needs to be captured and when to capture it. Set up different item templates to track the data important to each customer.

Setup and Track Projects

The project infrastructure can be used for added visibility for added contract services such as packaging and shipping.


From order picks or shipment builds, capture final shipping details such as tracking and bill of lading numbers. Print shipping documents.

Receive Customer Items

Assign correct  ownership when receiving customer items. Tag each unit or container with a unique serial number to track custody start date.

Pick Customer Orders

Enter orders for ship directives from the customer. Directed pick logic supports direction to the area with the oldest unit.

Customer Portal

Give access to your customers to view status of the inventory they own.

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