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Controlling Cost Of EDI For Microsoft Dynamics GP

Controlling Cost of EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Adding an electronic data interchange (EDI) solution to Microsoft Dynamics® GP is more than an attractive option–for some companies, it is a firm mandate from their customers or a prerequisite to enter attractive markets. But according to Brian Lynch of Panatrack partner organization Data Masons, there are subtleties to selecting the appropriate EDI solution for a growing business.

In this new Executive Brief, Lynch explians how some EDI solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP may carry a per-transaction fee. Initially, as your business completes fewer transactions, these fees may not amount to much. But as your sales and distribution efforts are successful, and your number of trading partners grows, these costs can come to amount to thousands upon thousands of dollars.

It is also essential, according to Lynch, to ensure that an EDI solution can share not just rudimentary transactional documents, but inventory contained in a warehouse management system (WMS) or inventory management system for Dynamics GP.

“Data Masons’ ability to connect with automatic data capture and WMS systems like PanatrackerGP becomes critical because without this information, organizations could find themselves in noncompliance, paying fines and damaging their relationship with their key trading partners,” Lynch writes. “But other, more esoteric transactions are gaining in importance—including inventory status. In an omni-channel dropship economy, it is very important for companies to be able to publish information on the inventory they have, including stock levels.”

In this new, informative document, Lynch shares insider insights on the hidden costs of some WMS solutions, the advanced functionality that is in demand in today's omnichannel environment and practical tips for EDI success.


Get Brian Lynch's informative executive brief on EDI for Microsoft Dynamics GP. This is perhaps the most practical and informative resource we have seen on how to navigate the EDI selection process for Dynamics GP users.

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