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PanatrackerGP Central Warehouse Management

For Microsoft Dynamics® GP

A solution for hub-and-spoke organizations

Do you have central site locations that service satellite locations for inventory restock needs?

Retail organizations, medical facilities, labs and life science operations with the need to complete regular restocks to satellite locations or departments can benefit from the features specifically designed into our PanatrackerGP Central Warehouse Management solution.

PanatrackerGP provides the key inventory tracking requirements for the central warehouse and stockroom locations with receiving against vendor purchase orders, moves, stock counts, and adjustments.

The Directed Transfer infrastructure adds the ability to create internal orders supporting both site transfers or bin moves. The mobile transfer request provides auxiliary locations the ability to quickly request items needed for restock. Multiple configuration options allow the ability to complete a count against max quantity setup, a bin kanban stock replenishment request, or a direct entry of the quantity needed.  The central warehouse or stockroom is provided a directed pick for that order that then creates a site transfer or completes bin moves.  Setting up orders with a via site adds additional visibility and control with the destination site completing a receipt for the transfer.

Other functionality including the ability to pick against sales orders for customers, support for assembly, or connected sales can be added.

Feature Highlights

Core Inventory Transactions

Complete standard PO Receiving, Bin Moves, Adjustments and Stock Counts at any location and create transactions within Dynamics GP.

Transfer Request

Provide your mobile users with the ability to complete a count against max site or bin levels to create transfer orders. Other configuration options support Kanban mode request or user entry.

Receive Inbound Transfer

Add a receiving process at the destination site for orders entered with a via site. The transaction adds an audit layer to the pick and creates a corresponding Site Transfer in GP from the via site to the destination.

Directed Transfer Order

Enter internal orders or add logic to create orders for stock replenishment to satellite locations. Include a via site for two step transfers and full inventory control.

Transfer Order Pick

Provide the central warehouse staff with logical pick directives for transfer orders. Picks create a Site Transfer in GP. Pick to a container for more controlled receiving functionality.

Sales Order Fulfillment

If you also have customer orders to pick and ship, add Sales Order Fulfillment. Get Order Fulfill, Verify Order, and Shipping Data functionality.
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