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Is Hardware and Software Leasing Right for You?

Here at Panatrack, we work with many solid, middle market companies who have an immediate need get control over inventory in their organization. Upon implementing a solution, they can expect measurable return on investment. They will be able to streamline the order fulfillment process, eliminate excess inventory, handle peak demand with fewer employees, avoid stockouts and backorders and stop picking the wrong products. Reductions in inventory carrying costs, non-value-added work…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP In The Cloud

Will Popular Extensions Work for Dynamics GP in the Cloud?

Value added resellers and Microsoft are both steering new and existing customers to provision Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud. Many VARs have their own private cloud offerings, and Microsoft recently enhanced Dynamics GP to make it easier to get up and running in their Azure cloud. And for many organizations, moving away from on-premise solutions will be appealing. "A lot of people are looking to invest in new or existing instances of Dynamics…

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What Do You Need To Know?

3 Reasons You Want a Dynamics GP-Specific WMS

The Microsoft Dynamics® ecosystem is diverse and broad. Many independent software vendors (ISVs) support all of the Dynamics products-- Dynamics SL, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV and Dynamics GP. Some of these companies are also involved with non-Microsoft enterprise software products. Diversity can be an attractive business model. You have more products to sell, and more people to sell to. Within the Dynamics space, some ISVs can effectively address all of…

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Microsoft Dynamics GP In The Cloud, Saas,

Burning questions about Dynamics GP in the Cloud

A wise man once said that you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows. And for Microsoft Dynamics® GP customers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and value added resellers (VARs), the wind seems to be blowing towards more instances of Dynamics GP being provisioned in the cloud rather than on-premise. What will this mean for us? What disruption and change will Dynamics GP in the cloud bring? Burning Question #1: How…

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Maintenance: Paying Someone Just to Be Your Friend?

Why do you pay for maintenance on software ranging from Microsoft Dynamics® GP to a warehouse management system (WMS) or fixed asset tracking tool like PanatrackerGP? A software vendor ought to use maintenance revenues to re-invest, extend and evolve the product in keeping with their development roadmap. So the license fee buys you the product as it is. The maintenance gets you access to the support desk, as well as…

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And Now for a Little Warehouse Management System Humor …

The problem with reading Dilbert strips is that so many of us recognize the dysfunctional patterns of behavior from our own work environments. So the axiom applies -- we laugh because it is funny, and we laugh because it is true. That is why the strip below touches such a nerve with us here at Panatrack. As Dynamics GP users contact us in their search for a warehouse management system…

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Physical Inventory Tips for Dynamics GP Stock Count Schedule

Nobody looks forward to conducting a physical inventory. But for users of Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are powerful tools that make this process less painful, including the Stock Count Schedule in Microsoft Dynamics GP. As the leaders in barcode solutions specifically for inventory and Dynamics GP, we are intimately familiar with this functionality, and offer up the following tips (apart from adding PanatrackerGP as a tool to make the count…

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A neophyte’s view of the Dynamics GP space

After joining Panatrack just long enough ago that I how to work the coffee machine and transfer calls, I am feeling the ground under my feet. Panatrack is a fraction of the size of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software company I left to come on board and join my longtime associate Michael Burnham in this endeavor to help make friends and influence people. But the company is an established and venerable as…

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The Limits of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Inventory Management Tools

Or, Why You Need Both Inventory Management and Inventory Control Any lean manufacturing guru or APICS trainer will stress role of inventory management in achieving business efficiency. It is no secret that stocking too much inventory ties up cash that could be used for other purposes and having too little inventory will result in stock-outs and back orders to the point where the ability to serve the customer is damaged.…

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Announcing PanatrackerGP Version 7

We are very excited to introduce the launch of Version 7. Here is a quick overview of the key new features Microsoft Dynamics® GP 2015 We’re ready for GP2015 for both on-premise and hosted environments. (Don’t worry, we still support GP10, GP2010, and GP2013 too.) FDA UDI and GS1 Barcode Support The FDA has established a Unique Device Identification system to identify medical devices through their distribution and use. This…

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