Using Smart Lists In GP

Smart Lists in Dynamics GP are a very flexible reporting and inquiry tool.  There are several 'canned' Smart Lists already set up.  This tool allows you to create a new Smart List from scratch, or you can work on an existing list to add the fields you need for your reporting.  The search criteria options can be saved or modified for each inquiry for quick access to reporting. Add up to…

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How does Microsoft Dynamics GP & Panatrack work together to track your assets?

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a Fixed Asset module that provides a company a simple way to track their assets.  Did you know that GP also can track the physical details of your assets as well as financial?  As a standard, the asset record includes Location, Physical Location, Structure (often used to identify a department), and Custodian Assignment.  In addition to these standard fields, there are 15 user fields that can be defined on a…

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Download our new Fixed Assets whitepaper

Need to get a better handle on managing your fixed assets? We've just published a new whitepaper filled with practical tips for managing fixed assets, and the cost benefits of adding bar code data capture. (That "bar code" aspect really isn't a surprise, is it?) Many businesses, regardless of their industry, have the need to manage their fixed assets. Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics® GP offers strong fixed asset management capabilities. However, the…

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Fixed Asset tracking using barcodes and Dynamics GP

Dynamics GP has a Fixed Asset module to financially track assets - a great solution since it is tied directly to your GP financials. The GP Fixed Asset record also holds physical information about assets such as location and custodian assignment. Even with the ability to track Fixed Assets within the GP financial database, many customers we talk with maintain excel spreadsheets or other alternate independent reporting methods, not realizing…

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