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New Transactions Added to PanatrackerGP Inventory

We have added a couple of new transactions to our PanatrackerGP Inventory solution! The new BOM Review transaction for the GP Inventory Assembly offers the ability to review the BOM components for an Assembly item. Easily swap a component for another item not currently on the Bill of Material. The original component can be set to obsolete or can be deleted. The design quantity for the newly added component will be…

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Top 5 Considerations When Selecting a WMS

The term Warehouse Management System (WMS) is broad and can have different meanings in different environments. In today's market, most WMS offerings fall into three categories: Data Collection—provides limited capture of barcoded inventory data for the ERP system Independent WMS—a completely separate system with optional integration points back to your ERP "Embedded" WMS—adds more robust inventory management logic, but maintains the ERP system as the single database Before we identify…

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New features added to PanatrackerGP in Q1-2017

We have been busy here at Panatrack… adding to and enhancing our PanatrackerGP software solution. Here are a few of the top new features recently added. Receiving: The ability to receive against multiple purchase orders in the same transaction. This customer-requested feature is a must-have for those organizations that receive shipments from a vendor which includes items from multiple purchase orders. Access the open purchase orders for the item, sorted…

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Bin Setup In Microsoft Dynamics GP

Practical Advice for Bin Setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Organizations new to putting Inventory Management in place often ask our opinion on best practices for defining locations where inventory will be stocked and bin setup in Dynamics GP. Because our solution uses Dynamics GP as the host inventory database, we start with the setup options available in that system. Let’s first get an understanding of the nomenclature.  Within Dynamics GP, you will have the concept of Sites and Bins…

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Physical Inventory Tips for Dynamics GP Stock Count Schedule

Nobody looks forward to conducting a physical inventory. But for users of Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are powerful tools that make this process less painful, including the Stock Count Schedule in Microsoft Dynamics GP. As the leaders in barcode solutions specifically for inventory and Dynamics GP, we are intimately familiar with this functionality, and offer up the following tips (apart from adding PanatrackerGP as a tool to make the count…

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Obtain a Team of Experts with the ISV Solution Network

Dynamics GP is a great core ERP solution. As many know, there are A LOT of add-on solutions available in the market to enhance that core solution investment .Some companies invest in a few of these solutions and for others, the investment is larger to build an enterprise solution. One of the perceived drawbacks for a core ERP system is the number of independent solutions that a company may need…

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WMS Inventory Tracking Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP

Many customers seeking inventory management turn to evaluate full Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). In many cases, they want to add automation tools that will allow them to add serial or lot tracking or multiple-bin tracking. There is a misconception that Dynamics GP doesn’t support inventory management and that a separate system is required to achieve accurate inventory control. While there ARE cases in which a full independent WMS is needed,…

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Start with a Small Investment to Add Barcode Technology to Dynamics GP

If you have inventory and/or assets that you are or would like to be tracking using barcode technology, you should consider getting started sooner than later. You don’t need to make a large investment in a full Warehouse Management System or Asset Tracking solution right out of the gate. However, you may want to add barcode labeling sooner than later in anticipation of adding more advanced technology in the future. Why now rather than later? …

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The Evolution and Benefits of 2D Barcode Technology

Understanding Bar Codes First, to get a baseline understanding of bar codes, think of it as a font. I can use Calibri font or change the font to Times New Roman or even wingdings. You may also relate this to a different language and the bar scanner is the interpreter. In any case, a bar code will typically represent something that will retrieve additional information from a database. If you create a…

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Dynamics GP Offers the Advantages of a “Tailor-Made” ERP Solution

When evaluating ERP systems, there are many things to consider. Usually the most important will be the core functionality. In this case, you will probably soon realize that ERP solutions will have similar features and functionality to support what you would expect to find in an ERP system. If you have been evaluating Dynamics GP as one of the options, you are probably aware of the large ISV add-on solution offerings…

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