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Announcing integration to Manufacturing

Panatrack is pleased to announce the addition of a Manufacturing Module to our PanatrackerGP Inventory Solution for Dynamics GP.

We are excited to introduce three integration target options: Vicinity Manufacturing, Horizon Manufacturing, & the native Dynamics GP Manufacturing. Our new module adds the ability to accurately capture the primary inventory-related transactions for manufacturing: Raw Material Issue and Finished Goods Receiving.  The Issue transaction provides the ability to record inventory used or issued to a manufacturing order or batch, thus providing real-time access and validation to the quantity needed.  Create Production Unit, records receipt of the finished goods and can automatically print the item bar code label.

This new module works together with our standard PanatrackerGP core inventory solution, allowing you to receive against a purchase order, transfer and move inventory, perform stock counts, track order fulfillment and much more.

PanatrackerGP Manufacturing

Maintaining accurate records is especially critical for trace and recall when lot tracking is involved. This is common in formula-based manufacturing environments often served by Vicinity Manufacturing.  PanatrackerGP validates against Vicinity's batch setup for inventory requirements on issues and the GP inventory for available inventory.  Panatracker provides real-time access to production requirements and tracks progress in real-time for a streamlined and integrated solution.

PanatrackerGP provides a tool to capture and record inventory-related transactions with direct integration for real-time validation to GP Manufacturing.  The data captured from PanatrackerGP is managed with an infrastructure added within GP.  Captured transaction are processed smoothly.  This integration to GP Manufacturing supports GP 2010 and newer.

Horizon Manufacturing has added an infrastructure used by PanatrackerGP for integration to their manufacturing system.  The data captured is processed efficiently and accurately and submitted to Horizon for processing.

For our customers that have more-basic needs to track manufactured products, consider starting with Dynamics GP Bill-of-Material and Assemblies.  PanatrackerGP has an Assembly transaction which provides the ability to automate the process — including automated item label printing and the ability to identify components used.

Implementing an embedded WMS solution has never been easier.  Please contact us at (262) 361-4950 or to find our more or to schedule a complimentary web demo.

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