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A Word Of Caution About Cloud-based ERP

A Word of Caution About Cloud-based ERP

Know Your Cloud

Many businesses are turning to a cloud-based business management solution for several good reasons. Cloud-based systems offer agility and flexibility at a fraction of the cost of an on-premises deployment. However, there is one drawback not often discovered until it’s too late. Certain applications don’t work well in the cloud environment. Don’t get caught off-guard, make sure your business management solution and extended functionality applications ALL perform successfully in the cloud.

As noted in “Extend Your Cloud Instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP,” Microsoft Dynamics® GP is one of the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions in the marketplace today. This solution offers powerful functionality right out-of-the box and is supported by a community of value-added resellers (VARs) and independent software vendors (ISVs). This global network of VARs and ISVs extend the core features of Microsoft Dynamics GP with add-on applications that integrate with or are embedded in the host database. Many add-ons, like the inventory and asset management solutions offered by Panatrack provide businesses with stronger functionality, often customized to address unique or specialized operations.

Making the Transition Into the Cloud

For years, businesses deployed Microsoft Dynamics GP in house. It was only the most recent versions, GP 2013 and later, that offered a web browser interface. A cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP is now available and it’s very attractive to both new and established businesses. A cloud-based system removes the burden of managing a department of skilled IT staff or costly on-premise servers and data centers. In addition, global businesses can rely on an integrated system, available 24x7x365, in multiple time zones. Cloud systems are easily scalable with business growth, whether you increase in headcount or the type and volume of data you need to capture.

The downside to moving core ERP and add-on applications into the cloud is that not all add-ons work as well in the cloud as in an on-premise environment. There are complications with firewalls, web-protocols and network bandwidth limitations. Many ISVs are working on keeping up with advances in cloud technology; however, Panatrack is ahead of the curve. Our add-on solutions communicate seamlessly with a cloud instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP and offer a rich user experience.

Cloud-based management solutions are certainly the future; however, not all ISVs are ready. This is a situation that businesses need to consider before transitioning into the cloud. Download this white paper for more information about the state of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud and contact Panatrack for guidance with cloud-ready inventory and asset management.

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