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39 Days Until 2017 GPUG Summit

39 Days Until 2017 GPUG Summit

Getting Around

As we step into September, the Dynamics GP community is preparing for the 2017 GPUG Summit in Nashville Tennessee. With thousands registered to attend, hotels near and far are selling out.

Many of those booking rooms right now have found some fantastic accommodations downtown which means they are going to be traveling to the Gaylord Opryland to start their days at the Summit. If you are one of these attendees, I am sure you are working on the logistics of getting back and forth between your hotel and the venue. Worry not as the outstanding team behind our 2017 GPUG Summit has you covered! The Gaylord Opryland shuttle has extended their service just for the event. You will now be able to travel from two locations downtown to GPUG Summit starting at 6:00 am. More details on the shuttle and to arrange for a pass visit the 2017 GPUG Summit Transportation Page.

Where to Stay

If you have not yet booked hotel rooms, there is no better time than the present! This 2017 GPUG Summit discussion thread gives some good advice on trying to get a room at the Gaylord Opryland. If this is your plan, be aware that not only are rooms opening and booking every day but that the Summit Rate Expires on 9/14. For additional information on finding a hotel room for your stay in Nashville, the GPUG Hotels Page has some great information.

The Panatrack Team is thrilled to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2017 GPUG Summit. Please join us for our Barcode Bootcamp Session. Any of our team would be thrilled to discuss your Inventory and Asset tracking needs and questions, just let us know at the Summit.

What is Bar Code Bootcamp

Barcodes can be the most effective way for your team to reap efficiencies from Microsoft Dynamics GP. This brief session will leave you with a full understanding of how barcodes work and how they can be used to update Dynamics GP. Which scanners and printers work best? What is a GTIN, GS1, UDI, UPC, or other TLAs? You’ll learn how to expose advanced Dynamics GP functionality and close functional gaps using bar coding.

For more information on Panatracks inventory and asset tracking solutions Contact Us

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