PanatrackerGP operates on mobile computers with integrated barcode scanners on the Windows Mobile platform. Supported hardware from leading manufacturers including Motorola and Honeywell can be purchased through Panatrack at competitive pricing. If you decide to purchase hardware through an alternate source, it is important to confirm the model and configuration to confirm compatibility.

Recommended Units for PanatrackerGP Solutions

The recommended Motorola  units are rugged units designed specifically for warehouse environments. The Dolphin 6500 unit is classified as a light industrial unit which is often selected to use in environments such as labs, stock rooms and light industrial environments. These units are available in alpha-numeric keypad configurations.

The units listed range from ruggedized to a ‘durable' classification. All units have an integrated barcode scanner. The PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset solution doesn't require a continuous network connection. If synchronizing data using a cradle connection, it is recommended to invest in an Ethernet cradle.  The Motorola MC55 or the Honeywell Dolphin 6500 units are your best options.

Field Sales and Inventory transactions are completed without the requirements of a continuous network connection. Investment in units with cellular network connectivity option is ideal when you want the ability to send transactions back between customers or job sits. The recommended Motorola units are available with this option.

  • Motorola MC55 (universal cellular network configurations are available)
  • Motorola MC75
  • Motorola MC9500-K

Pricing provided by Panatrack will include required charging cradle, power supply and line cord.  Keep this in mind if making comparisons with other vendors. Panatrack will work with you to identify the best option based on number of units and the location of the units.

Manufacturers also have service contracts available for purchase. These service contracts will give you a standardized repair turn-around and when purchased at the start, includes comprehensive coverage. Although these contracts are optional, Panatrack highly recommends the investment.